Conduct a segmentation study on runners, then present the findings to a client.

The Process

First, the team used secondary research to define the scope of the behavior in general. We then narrowed it down to long distance running.

Next, we conducted a quantitative study to understand the behavior further. We then analyzed the results and identified these segments.


Sports Backers, Inc., based in Richmond, VA - producers of nationally-recognized sporting events and programs.

This client was chosen for its aggressive pursuit of opportunities to expand its scope of annual sporting activities, its quest to transform the Richmond metro area into the most physically active region in the country, as well as for its focus on improving access to places for physical activity.


  • Introduction of additional training programs for runners in suburban areas - our research revealed that 46% of runners live in the suburbs, which are currently not covered by Sports Backers training teams for upcoming events
  • Production of running events in scenic locations - this was tailored for the second largest segment, the Escapist, who runs to relieve stress. We believe holding running events in such locations would appeal to them, as well as the Competitive segment
  • Renovation of Sports Backers' existing stadium - this would address concerns of especially the Competitive and Straightforward segments, who want a safe and convenient place to run all year-round without any concerns about the weather or their safety.


Team Members (Strategists)