Nome, a small city with a big history. Located on the western coast of Alaska (closer to Russia than to the lower 48), this town, with a population of about 3,000, was the destination of the famous Iditarod race that delivered life-saving serum to a diphtheria-stricken community. It was also the site of the late 19th Century gold rush. Even today, Nome is still inaccessible by road, so you'll need to fly or cruise to get there.


Our challenge was to inspire prospective tourists to choose Nome over more popular and accessible cities in Alaska.

Our target are intrepid vacationers. They are typically between 21 and 39 years old, constantly on the lookout for the less-trodden path, experiences they can uniquely call theirs. They are ready to try new places, so you won't find them at the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone... everyone's been there. They love to immerse themselves in the culture of the places they visit, as a way of calling the experience their own.



We looked for the sweet spot between the town's unique history, location, and terrain, and our target's quest for adventures they can claim for themselves.

Panning for gold in Nome. Credit:


Our strategy was to appeal to the tough and the daring in our target, to take the challenge only a few would take.

There are only a few people like you, so why not go to a place only a few have been?


The new logo we created had the iconic race dog as the central element, with the star representing Alaska as a state in the union. The logo also has the town's name in a more prominent typeface.


The tagline for the campaign was Just North of Normal. Nome is strange because it's so far away that it's been able to develop its own unique quirky personality. However, we didn't want its remote location to discourage travelers from visiting. After all, Nome is still in Alaska, part of the US. It's just north of the lower 48.


Our print ads highlight the quirky life in Nome, by taking normal things and giving them a Nome twist.


Nome's unique voice can be easily channeled through social media, where our target spends most of their time.

My Role

  • Worked with the creative team to research the town, its uniqueness, as well as similar cities it may be competing with
  • Defined the core target, based on both primary and secondary research
  • Developed a creative brief to guide the team on the task, direction and deliverables for the project


The Team

Eric Enninful - Strategist ||  Holly Younce - Art Director || Dennis Chen - Copywriter