Sports. Culture. Brands… just some of the things I’m passionate about. Here are some articles I recently wrote on these subjects, originally published on Medium.

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What’s The Best Soccer League in Europe?

From England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, these leagues command not just world soccer’s top brands, but also attract the best players, billions of fans globally, and more.

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What the gun control Movement can learn from #MeToo

The gun control movement may need to learn from another movement that’s made some progress recently, if it’s to achieve the change it desires.

in search of leadership in ghana - a case for brands to step up

Brands in Ghana have the ability and potential to lead in driving culturally-defining initiatives in Ghanaian society.


do consumers forgive brands?

Consumers don’t all forgive the same way. It all depends on how deep the relationship is; the bigger the investment, the higher the stakes.